Days are gone when we can handle both the production and sales for the firm.

Now because of competition in the market, One can only focus either on product or services of its firm or on Marketing. Now since the offline market has been saturated and Its Digital Era, We need to use out the box strategy to market our product. And That’s where I came into the Picture.

I Provide online and offline business consultancy service for both businesses and individuals. From providing advice on a specific matter to providing a more strategic business solution, I can provide prime, unbiased service in a wide range of on-demand business aspects.


Handling clients in all sort of fields beat it Ecommerce, or growing youtube channel to software and apps related brands. I can Help you in all stages of business, While it is a startup or full fledge grown business where you need to find the ways to scale it.


Digital Marketing is an art and well managed by digital marketing experts.

Why businesses need a Digital Marketing Consultant?


Every business identity having big goals for the future, do invest significant time and money to establish their brand on internet. And to take out the best ROI they need a Digital Marketing professional.


Many companies, businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs struggle hard to find out THE BEST digital marketing expert for their particular need because of budget constraints, knowledge constraints, etc. It is highly uncommon that a digital marketing expert would join a company at the cost of leaving his agency. So the win-win situation for both of them is to go for hiring a Digital Marketing Consultant.


A Digital Marketing Consultant through his Digital Marketing experience and practices does “Targeted Marketing” and gives good ROI to the business; along with this he also creates a brand reputation over internet which helps the business identity to overpass the competition in long run.


In current scenario many pro Digital Marketers are handling the big projects where they encounter a drastic change in behavior of target audience and they use traditional Digital Marketing techniques only and they fail to get desired result. To overcome this problem many experienced Digital Marketers use AI (Artificial intelligence) tools because Inbound Marketing strategies without using any AI tools would not make any sense. Likewise many tools are creating the buzz in the market and only practiced by experienced and reputed Digital Marketers.

WHY you Hire Me?

To answer this question let me explain what I have done in past to establish myself as a reputed Digital marketing Expert/Consultant in Delhi / NCR.

  • Conducted 50 Seminars on Digital Marketing
  • Trained 500+ Professionals
  • Guest / Keynote speaker in __________
  • Project – Completed 250 Projects till date –

Delivered 80% ROI

  • Expend – 5 million budgets on —Social Media – Delivered 90% ROI
  • Expend – 3 million budgets on — Innovative Email Marketing strategy – Delivered 90% ROI
  • World with well-known brands like A , B , C  and have worldwide clientage.
  • Worked with ______Startups,______ Entrepreneurs.
  • Have 7 Years of Digital Marketing Experience
  • I own a Digital Marketing Agency named as “Adbudds” which has 50 employees and have reputed clients all over the world.

WHY you Hire Me?

Sometimes you make your own marketing plan and hire my services for:

  • Contextual Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing (Advanced SEM strategies)
  • Search Engine optimization ( Advanced SEO strategies)
  • E-mail and Social Media Marketing ( Advanced EM, SMM strategies)
  • Any other specific digital marketing need.


Most of the time companies hire me for:

  • Complete Digital marketing planning and execution
  • Complete campaign ROI planning and execution
  • ——————
  • ——————

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